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An email marketing campaign can be an effective tool within a Content Marketing strategy in the company. However, it is a solution that must be used strategically and follow a series of keys so that the resources invested have an impact on optimal results. An email marketing campaign must be aligned with the company’s marketing strategy and focused on clear and concise results. In digital marketing, each action must have a benefit for both the consumer or user and the company. 

Reasons why a campaign does not work.

An email marketing campaign can be complex and sometimes it is exhausting to generate content and focus efforts on something that is not giving clear results. However, this is an especially useful tool for businesses, if used effectively. For this reason, the following are the keys by which an emailing campaign may not work, as well as the tools to redirect the campaign towards the expected benefit. 

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A common mistake is to generate the content of insufficient quality. Sometimes companies do not give importance to the quality of the content or outsource the service in such a way that they are not as good, clear, effective, consistent, and useful for the users as they should be. It is important to be aware of the importance of the contents if they are not interesting, clear, and consistent with what the company does, the user will not pay interest to the mail and will send the sender to the spam list. 



One of the key factors when generating a good opening ratio in the emails that are sent is to send them with the optimal frequency, focused on the public that will receive them. Sending an exaggerated number of emails can cause fatigue in the recipient. It is better to send one email per month that is really attractive, interesting, and effective than sending several hoping that some will be opened. 


One of the keys to email marketing campaigns is design. This should be functional, attractive, and focused on the objectives of the campaign, as well as the target audience. It is important to use the visual component of the email to improve the open rate. Also, a good design is focused on making CTA buttons or elements, or call to action, especially attractive. 

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Another element to consider is the degree of personalization of email marketing. There are companies that create highly standardized or general emails that do not cater to specific customer needs. One way to improve the opening and conversion rates of emails is to work on personalizing them, the more humane, direct, consistent, and adapted to the recipient the emails are, the better the opening rate and the interest aroused in the customer. or user. These practices lead to greater customer loyalty, improve brand positioning in the consumer’s mind, and generate communication and promotion dynamics through word of mouth. 


One way to personalize and make emails more human is to work from a deep segmentation of the clients or users that will receive them. The business world is heading towards a global trend of micro-segmentation or niche segmentation, even more so in digital marketing, as they have Big Data analysis and management tools that make this possible and increasingly effective. 


Another element to take into account is that the emails must be aligned with the company’s marketing strategy, through SMART objectives, that is: simple, measurable, achievable, realistic and that can be specified in a specific period of time. In the case of an emailing campaign The expected technical results, opening rate, conversion rate, or lead level must be established.

These expected results must be aligned with the objectives of the email campaign, that is: what actions do the recipients want to carry out, which can be purchases, subscriptions, click the CTA buttons on social networks, or the company’s website, among others. options. In turn, these technical and email marketing objectives must respond to the strategies proposed by the company, so that they respond clearly, concisely, and coherently to the brand image that is to be transmitted and reinforced. 

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Analysis of results

A common mistake in digital marketing actions is not to clearly measure the results and not to take into account the different expected results, according to the objectives set. Each proposed objective must lead to expected results, which is why the objectives must be measurable (one of the SMART characteristics). It is important to study some metrics and ratios that are essential periodically in order to gather useful information to generate new strategies and market decisions that are aimed at strengthening the proposed marketing strategy and aligning the decisions with the actual results achieved.

Likewise, the data collected provides quality information on the needs, tastes, and behavior of the users or clients of the company, which makes it possible to strengthen the company’s segmentation process and generate new decisions regarding the development of new processes, products, or services by the company. 

In conclusion, email marketing is a tool that can be especially useful and effective within the marketing strategy if you work in a results-focused way that is aligned with clear objectives and a properly segmented audience. It is a tool that can lead to an increase in conversions, as well as in the sales generated, the diffusion and communication of the company’s products and services, as well as the positioning of the company in the consumer’s mind. For this reason, it is essential for the company to understand how such a strategy is working and to develop effective campaigns related to customer needs.

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