A must for Twitter beginners! How to set icons and profile?

A must for Twitter beginners! How to set icons and profile?

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The rate of follow-up will change depending on whether your profile is attractive, as well as Twitter tweets. If you want to increase your follow-up rate even a little, check the following.

Icons should be above the chest

The profile icon (image) of Twitter is smaller than you can imagine when viewed with a smartphone browser or application. Even a fashionable photo of the whole body is so small that it becomes what’s this? At least at least above your chest so that you can see the features even at a distance. The same applies to illustrations.

The header should match the concept

Although it’s a beauty account, the concept is blurring with a beautiful photo taken on a trip as the header. It is important that the colors match the world view and that they are not too flashy than the profile icon. If you want to put text in the image, use a short line. If it is a long text, it won’t read everything.

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Write somebody in the user name

A character will stand by if it is a unique name or stage name, but unless it is a celebrity, it will not be remembered if it is a common name. It will be impressive if you add a title that seems to be your catchphrase,

A must for Twitter beginners! How to set icons and profile?

The profile statement should be something that evokes the merit of following

In the profile sentence, describe clearly who you are and what information you can obtain by following us. For example, I created dog-run communities because I love dogs too much. Become. If it’s a corporate account, it’s an image like Official Twitter of cosmetics brand We will send new cosmetics information and sale information.

(Other) Be careful when setting your birthday

Setting the release year of the service is horrifying. In most cases, you will be considered a minor and will be subject to usage restrictions.

Get more followers with an attractive, easy-to-understand profile that matches Twitter services.

Once you start rolling, Twitter will give you better follow-up suggestions, based on the industries/fields associated with your interests. Over time, you will become adept at discerning who is worth following and who is not. There is no set strategy for this, it is completely up to you and your own personal tastes. If someone follows you, you don’t need to follow him. If someone is tweeting too much and clogging your feed, please stop immediately follow.

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