Cancel your Facebook account how do you do it?

Cancel your Facebook account how do you do it?

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Facebook yes or Facebook no? This seems the adage that we are forced to feel every day. After the incredible boom of some time ago, in which everyone, people and companies, joined Facebook and started collecting likes and fans on the platform created by Mark Zuckerberg, today the trend seems to be reversed, with inactive profiles and users who want to unsubscribe once and for all. The perception is wrong since Facebook is still growing in numbers and adhesions.

Whatever the truth or the reasons that lead a user to want to delete, it is right that he has this option: it is one of the fundamental points of freedom on social media. Today we explain how to delete your profile from Facebook once and for all.

Preliminary operations for deleting the Facebook profile

Deleting a profile is an extreme action: after signing up for Facebook and years of virtual friendships and conversations, the amount of content uploaded is truly enormous, and many users regret their choice after making it. This is why the platform offers the possibility to suspend your account for an indefinite time, while still keeping your content, in a sort of hibernation: in this way, in case of an afterthought, you will simply need to reactivate the service and you will end up with the just how he left it.

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Back up your content

However, this is not enough for those who would like to make their content no longer available online and on the platform. There is an action that mediates between the hibernation of the profile and the total deletion of photos and conversations and is to make a backup of your profile, saving the contents before the total deletion. Here’s how to do it:

  • Access Facebook from the main social media page.
  • Click on the inverted triangle located at the top of the screen on the right and in the drop-down menu click on “Settings”.
  • In the new window, click on Your Facebook information in the menu on the left therefore on View, and then Download your information on the new page you can choose what you want to save, the date range, and also the format of the downloaded document.
  • Once you have selected the data you want to save, click on the blue Create file button.

Cancel your Facebook account how do you do it?

Deleting information and photos

To be sure that you have completely deleted your Facebook profile and the contents uploaded to it, there are two other operations to be carried out before proceeding to make sure that no content we create online or on the platform remains.

  • Delete personal information: from the main page of your profile, look for the “Information” section under your profile photo; click on it and delete everything that is included in the various sections, from info on family members to the places where you lived.
  • Delete photos and videos: from the main page of your profile, access the “Photos” section once inside, click on the Album tab, and then on the gear icon and select delete album.

Permanently delete a Facebook profile

Now that you have carried out all the preliminary operations, here we are finally at the cancellation of the profile; here’s how to do it, step by step:

  • Follow the first steps of the operation to save the backup, up to your information on the Facebook page here, the last entry is “Delete your account and your information” click on View.
  • On the new page, Facebook offers the possibility to download information, change the administrators for the pages you own, or collaborate with, modify the apps and remember that once the account has been canceled, it will no longer be possible to use Messenger.
  • To delete the profile, click on the blue “Delete account” button.

The account is now awaiting cancellation: in fact, you will have a period of 30 days from the decision to delete it to rethink and cancel the procedure by logging in. After this period, the account will be lost forever, with all its contents, its history, friends, and more.

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