Facebook Launches 15 New Blueprint Courses to Help Businesses Maximize Online Opportunities.

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As more and more companies seek to maximize their online opportunities amid COVID-19 locks, this week Facebook released fifteen new free Blueprint courses covering a number of key elements.

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As companies around the world shift their focus on the Internet, many are wondering where to start. To help with this transition, our Facebook Blueprint business education program has launched 15 new courses that cover the fundamentals. As always, our Blueprint courses are free. And we made the lessons even simpler by incorporating storytelling concepts into the context and offering downloadable materials to help bring to life what you are learning.

You can view the full list of new courses on the Blueprint platform, but among the latest additions:

How to choose the social channels for your business – Can’t decide what to look for? This course is designed to help you determine where your target market operates on the Internet.

Tell the story of your business – as Facebook explains: “learn to explain what a brand is and how to start creating or improving your own. We will show you what the process structure looks like and provide you with a downloadable brand template for use. ”

Mapping customer trips – Want to better understand how customers find products and continue to shop? Getting better management on the client’s path can help you chart a more effective marketing approach.

How to set marketing goals – This course examines the opportunity to see SMART goals: (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-limited) in your marketing plan, and why it matters.

How to create and manage a content calendar – A good content calendar will help you stick to your strategy – and this course even comes with a free template.

Facebook Blueprint courses offer great insights. Some of them are really designed for a wide audience, so you will probably consider some things that you already know, but there are always some gems or points that you have not taken into account that may encourage you to rethink the elements of your strategy.

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