How to view Instagram in a typical network.

How to view Instagram in a typical network.

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Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in use today. Official mobile app for iOS and Android devices allow users to capture and upload photos and videos and interact with all of its subscribers and users, for which they are being watched.

Instagram is primarily intended for use with the mobile device via the official Instagram app, but it is also available from the web browsers. Therefore, if you want to check Instagram on the web from your laptop, desktop or even web browser on your mobile device here’s how to do it.

You can visit in any web browser and log in to your account or create a new account if you do not already have one. After login, you will be taken directly to the tab of news feed that has a layout similar to the one you see in a mobile application.

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View news feeds and likes or comment on posts.

Scroll down the information displayed in your newswire, you can interact with them in much the same way as in the application. Just find a heart button, the comment field, or the bookmark button at the bottom of each message, to add it, leave a comment, or save it to your bookmarked posts. You can also click on the three dots in the bottom right corner to put a message on a Web page or report inappropriate content.

Discover new users and content

At the top of the screen, you will see three icons, one of which should look like a small compass. You can click this button to see a simpler version of the tab “Overview” in the appendix, which lists the recommended users and some sketches of their latest posts.

Test your interaction

Clicking on the heart button at the top of the screen will open the small box underneath that displays a summary of all your past interactions. You can scroll through this small window to see them all.

View and edit your profile

You can click the person icon at the top of the screen to view the web version of its profile on Instagram, which is very similar to the one you see in your application. You will see your profile photo with your bio and additional information, as well as a grid of your most recent messages below.

Beyond your user name is a button Edit Profile. Click here to change your profile information and other account information, such as passwords, authorized applications, comments, settings, email, and SMS.

You can click on any photo in your profile to view it in full size. He displayed the same way as individual post pages always appear on the Internet, but the interactions are shown to the right of the message, rather than below it.

It’s worth knowing that Instagram also has a dedicated URL for each profile. To visit your own Instagram profile or anyone else,

How to view Instagram in a typical network.

Privacy in Instagram

Now, when we have web profiles, and as long as your profile is public, any user on the network can access your profile and view all your photos. If you do not want unauthorized people to watch your photos, you need to set your profile to private.

If your profile is set to private, only users that you are approved for membership will be able to view your photos in a mobile application and in your web profile – as long as they are registered in the accounts that you are approved to sign up for you.

Limitations with Instagram over the Internet.

You can do a lot with Instagram from a standard web browser – with the exception of the actual placement of new content. Currently, there is no way to download, edit and publish photos or videos in your account from the web, so if you want to do this, you need to download the Instagram app on your compatible mobile device.

You also can not connect with your friends on Facebook, view the messages to which you have referred, set up two-factor authentication, manage blocked users make their profile private/public, switch to a business profile, clear search history, and do a few other things that you can be done only through the application. (However, you can temporarily disable or permanently delete your Instagram account through the Internet, rather than through the application).

Despite some limitations of using Instagram via the Internet, it is still nice to know that you can easily view your feed, open a new content to customize their personal settings, and interact with other users in the same way as you do it from the application. This can be a very useful option when small screens and touch-sensitive keyboards are beginning to feel more trouble than help.

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