Instagram changes the word of mouth marketing in the digital age

Instagram changes the word of mouth marketing in the digital age.

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The importance of word-of-mouth marketing recognized by 92% of people

Social media is like a magnifying glass for word of mouth. Food and self-portraits have a strong impact on consumers’ buying habits. It can be said that social media is the latest version of the product introduction platform. If you post about a product that has influencers, the impact will spread greatly. a retail marketing supporter looked at the impact of word-of-mouth on Instagram.

In one survey, more than 57% of respondents said they had bought their first product on social media. Companies understand the power of word-of-mouth, as another survey found that 92% of people said that word-of-mouth marketing is important for buying behavior.

Using social media makes it easy to spread word of mouth to 1000 people

It’s hard to tell 1000 people that a product is good in the real world, but it’s much easier on social media. Given that users who use social media on a daily basis spend more than $400 a month, social media may be a lubricant that stimulates consumption.

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Fifty-six percent of respondents say they trust their friends rather than corporate advertising. Also, 65% of consumers are more likely to trust the business associated with posts from real consumers. In addition, there is a survey that shows that many users are more likely to purchase products from companies that post photos and videos posted on social media on their websites.

Instagram changes the word of mouth marketing in the digital age

By repeatedly seeing the product, we become attached to the product and lead to the purchase

What is the psychology that social media stimulates consumption? For example, if you buy a car, it will be easier to focus on the same car. Similarly, a new product found on social media will unknowingly start looking for it, creating the illusion that many people are using the same product. Posts from influencers and friends attract attention to the product, give it a more positive impression, and lead to the purchase of the product.

To the point

Consumer-posted photos and videos can influence a consumer’s buying behavior, much like offline reviews. With the explosive rise of social media, consumer posts have even outperformed words.

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