Pinterest Releases New Data On Search Trends Amid COVID-19

Pinterest Releases New Data On Search Trends Amid COVID-19

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As we move into the next stage of crashes and shocks due to COVID-19, Pinterest this week shared some fresh insights on key search trends on its platform, focusing on wellness, positivity, and even surprisingly enough. start a new business. @ minioperas using the best payment gateway for online payments.

The locks seem to have forced many to reevaluate what they want in life and how they can improve their mindset and focus, according to Pinterest:

A lot of people know Pinterest as a place for recipes, home decor ideas, and DIYs. However, with COVID-19 creating new life stressors, more people than ever are turning to Pinterest for wellness and self-care. In fact, Pinterest has recently seen the highest searches for mental wellness ideas, including meditation (+ 44%), gratitude (+ 60%), and positivity (+ 42%), which all increased from February to May.

Wellness is a key focus, and Pinterest also noted that searches for “stress relief activities” increased 4.7 times, while exercise routines at home are also a key interest for many (up to 12 times).

But the Pinners also remain positive about the future:

Challenges and uncertainty also spawn new ideas, creativity, and a now-or-never attitude, and now is the time to plan that home, family, trip or business you’ve always wanted.

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Pinterest says searches for ‘start a new business’ are up 35% on average, as have searches for’ afterlife goals’ (2x), ‘life wish list’ (+ 65%), ‘ future family goals’ (+30%) and ‘future household goals’ (+ 78%).

It appears that many, as noted, are taking stock of their situation and reimagining the life they want to live when we finally emerge from the pandemic.

Pinterest also notes that searches related to ‘gratitude’ are at seasonal highs.

In addition to this, Pinterest notes that searches related to home improvement projects remain popular, while the inspiration for private parties has also been a key focus in some regions where gatherings are now allowed.

But the Pinners are also dealing with a level of mental fatigue, like all of us, as the pandemic spreads into another uncertain period.

In light of this, Pinterest is also adding new items within its compassionate search feature, which can be accessed by typing #pinterestselfcare in the search field.

Pinterest Releases New Data On Search Trends Amid COVID-19

The new additions, created in conjunction with Brainstorm, Stanford’s Mental Health Innovation Laboratory, are designed to help users with exercises that can relieve anxiety and stress.

Here are some interesting trend notes, pointing to continued opportunities to connect with Pinterest users, and key changes, more generally, in response to the pandemic.

If you’re looking to focus more on Pinterest, you should first read their recently released media guides that outline the various opportunities and tools on the platform.

And then based on those reports, you can use these trends to tap into key points of interest among the Pinner community, aligning yourself with changes in usage and key interests.

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