TikTok and Teespring Partner on New Integration to Allow Sell Products Platform.

TikTok and Teespring Partner on New Integration to Allow Sell Products Platform.

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TikTok has announced a new Teespring integration that will allow TikTok creators to sell products they create directly to their fans in the app.

As The Verge reports:

Thousands of TikTok creators have already partnered with Teespring to start creating products that they can sell to their followers. The integration will allow “creators” to create their own products on Teespring, submit them directly to TikTok, and then fans will be able to buy products directly through TikTok.

In total, around 7,000 TikTok creators are participating in the initial program, which will provide them with another way to directly monetize their TikTok followers and generate income from their efforts. TikTok is still working out exactly how products will be displayed in the app, but the platform will eventually be able to buy directly, which is another important step for TikTok.

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With all the discussions surrounding TikTok and who is going to buy it and whether it might be worth the advertised estimated price of $ 30 billion, one particularly interesting observer is the founder of former Vine short video darling, who recently offered his advice on what to focus on TikTok to reach your maximum potential.

Yusupov, in his author post on CNN, explained that Vine failed because it stopped innovating, was unable to capitalize on user trends, and did not develop its own recommendation algorithm. And finally, we need to better monetize the platform, both for our own benefit and for the benefit of our creators.

This is one of Yusupov’s main focuses for TikTok – if TikTok wants to maximize its capabilities, it must offer more monetization opportunities for top creators. The creators of Vine deliberately pushed the company to raise money before they eventually moved to YouTube and Instagram, where many became millionaires thanks to their content. Vine cannot offer the same income potential as TikTok at this stage.

This is why TikTok launched its $ 200 million Creator Fund to pay top creators, and why, according to Yusupov, it needs to find more sources of income.

TikTok and Teespring Partner on New Integration to Allow Sell Products Platform.

Yusupov suggests that subscribing to premium content may be an option, but TikTok should also look into adding in-app purchases and games.

What TikTok is doing – TikTok has been experimenting with integrating e-commerce into the app since late last year and also has its Small Gestures digital gift program, which is the forerunner of in-app buying activity.

Parent company TikTok is also well aware of the potential value of in-app e-commerce. In China, a local version of TikTok called Douyin has already brought e-commerce into the spotlight.

Douyin reportedly generated over $ 122 million in revenue last year, mostly from e-commerce, more than double TikTok. TikTok will no doubt be keen to follow suit – so while this new Teespring integration is new right now, it’s just one of the many eCommerce integrations coming to the app soon.

This could solidify the platform as a major cultural hub, as well as ensure that creators are paid by keeping them consistent with TikTok, as opposed to being lured by other networks.

And those other networks do call. Facebook is already offering big TikTok stars contracts to go to Instagram Reels.

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