Twitter is working on a new iteration of tweets

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After starting a reaction for DM earlier this year, it seems like Twitter has not finished emoticon responses yet.

As you can see, Twitter seems to be testing a new option that will allow you to reply to a tweet using emojis, among various other answer options (which also, in particular, include “React with the Fleet,” in connection with developing stories Twitter). style option).

How exactly this will work is unclear.

Will the reaction be tied to retweets? Can the number of reactions appear on a separate panel on the tweet screen? Or, in your opinion, the emoticon response of your choice will replace the usual heart icon on the tweet itself?

This is actually what Twitter tried back when it first tried to capture the trend of response to emoticons.

After the news that Facebook was working on Emoji Reactions (Facebook Reactions was officially launched, Twitter also began to test various formats, although they obviously did not catch on, and Twitter never released them.

But, as you can see, they tried several different formats – and although they didn’t gain momentum, the use of emojis on the platform continued to grow, and as other platforms added their own options in the Reactions style, this became an increasingly familiar behavior, an easy way for people to share their emotional response without having to specifically comment.

So maybe now is the time – or maybe Twitter has seen such widespread use of Reactions in DM that it logically believes that there is enough demand for tweets in tweets.

But that would be a significant shift. Twitter is based on short, sharp answers and interest, and although only the ability to “create” a tweet may seem a little restrictive, the general opinion is that the lack of options like “Reaction” probably prompts more users to actually interact with tweets, and share your thoughts. And since tweets are very short, quick-response emoticons are probably not needed anyway.

Maybe, as already noted, this has become such a familiar behavior that it just makes sense to add it, and maybe if you could just add emoticons in response to a tweet, that would be nice, that would be convenient. Perhaps the heart (which, it is worth noting, used to be a star icon until Twitter changed) is actually too restrictive, and people need more ways to respond in order to provoke a more active response from secretive people.

If Twitter reveals it, it will have a number of consequences – for tracking data, creativity, trends.

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