keywords to grow YouTube views even in corona?

What is the keywords to grow YouTube views even in corona?

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I’m spending more time at home due to corona. Along with that, more and more people are starting YouTube (YouTube). So far, I’ve been interested in opening a YouTube channel, but I think it’s a good opportunity for those who could not leave. For businesses and stores whose sales have declined significantly, I think some people are thinking about monetizing YouTube channel to increase revenue source. However, the first obstacles faced by these emerging YouTubers and YouTubers are obsolete. I cannot even go out, so plan a video in a sandbox it is a nuisance even for the great YouTuber. This time, I tried to summarize the “keywords that are rapidly increasing in popularity in Corona” so that even beginners who are new to YouTube has no problems. From the perspective of SEO search Google (YouTube parent company), the keyword is increasing in volume, so be searched many times, increasing the number of video playbacks. I’ll introduce immediately (I omit the words that anyone can imagine crown and self-control)

Keywords to increase the views of videos from YouTube:

“Webinar” “Online conversation in English” “Writing practice”

What did while leaving abstained in Corona? If you have always wanted to improve their business skills, you’ve probably spent extra time on self-study. However, I cannot go to an English conversation class in front of the station. You should look at seminars and websites that can stay at home. As you know, you can see YouTube for free. It is easy to imagine that there were more searches for the word in English on YouTube.

If you are a person fluent in the language, you may want to set up a channel or post a video to learn English. Even if only we open a channel of conversation in English, the rate of competition is high, so we differ from others because Conversation in English x its uniqueness business trip abroad times, history study abroad year you can make and increase the number of subscribers.

It’s just a list of keywords that are very much looking and thoughts, so it depends on how you cover on your channel. Use your brain to plan what videos YouTube want your subscribers to your account! Unless you’re a celebrity, YouTube has so many videos! Do not expect hundreds of thousands of subscribers win a video. According to one theory, it is said that there is a change in growth after registrants that exceeds the number of videos of 50 to 100. Until then, most people were crawlers. It means we have to endure failing to meet standards monetization. I cannot wait that long! If you are interested, see the service. In particular, the “Joint support monetization” has become a popular product, and worth seeing if you want to quickly increase the number of subscribers. We note to a YouTube channel where you can make money securely maintaining information on what to send and what everyone wants to know!

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