Why marketers like Instagram and Pinterest

Why marketers like Instagram and Pinterest

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Instagram and Pinterest are great for reaching consumers with visually appealing content

Facebook has more active users than any social media. However, it is not the best option to visually enjoy and inspire new ideas. In recent years, Instagram and Pinterest have played that role. Katie Townsley, Vice President of Digital Advertising Agency MXM, discusses visually appealing marketing techniques.

Instagram and Pinterest can inspire consumers in areas such as food, fashion, and interiors. Similarly, marketers see Instagram and Pinterest as places to advertise and deliver fun, exciting messages.

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Instagram and Pinterest can discover information according to your interests

When you search Google for hobbies, there are many cases where Pinterest images are displayed at the top. Images are better than text for the need to get ideas for hobbies. Marketers are also moving their advertising budget from Google and Bing to Pinterest. Instagram also helps you discover content according to your interests. Instagram users want to post and share images and videos about cooking, exercise, and other interests.

Not many people open Facebook to shop. On the other hand, Instagram and Pinterest may use the app with a willingness to buy. Both platforms offer great user experience and one-click shopping capabilities.

Rich in evergreen content that continues to provide value to users for a long time

It is believed that Facebook content will reach about 30 minutes after posting. With Instagram, browsing users and corporate feeds is easy and fun, and content can reach users for a long time. Pinterest is rich in “evergreen” content that has been viewed by users for a long time. For example, interior images are less likely to keep up with the latest trends, so once posted, they are content that can be searched by many users.

Why marketers like Instagram and Pinterest

Instagram and Pinterest, where many users browse content according to their interests, are an attractive platform for marketers because they can easily receive advertising messages. If you’re targeting consumers who are passionate about some particular topics.

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